Employment Law

Employee Rights

There is a large amount of legislation in existence which provides basic rights for employees. These rights relate to various aspects of employment including:

1. The terms and conditions of employment

2. Annual Leave Entitlement

3. Payment of Wages

4. Working Time and Statutory Leave Entitlement

a. Maternity Leave
b. Parental Leave
c. Adoptive Leave
d. Carer’s Leave

5. Equality and Discrimination in the Workplace

6. Minimum Notice before Dismissal

7. Redundancy

Failure by an employer to ensure that an employee’s rights are protected may give rise to a claim by the employee. There are various different forums or bodies in existence which deal with such claims, depending on what rights have been breached. These include the Employment Appeals Tribunal, Rights Commissioner, the Labour Court, the Equality Tribunal, the Labour Relations Commission and the Civil Courts.

Further details can be obtained at http://www.employmentrights.ie/en/ and by contacting us for advice.



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