Italian Property

We all take great care when buying or selling property in Ireland. Each party is represented by their own Solicitor, the Title to the property is well researched and everything is checked and rechecked. We seldom part with any money without seeking our Solicitor’s advice and being absolutely sure everything is in order.

In our experience, when Clients buy property abroad they take a more relaxed attitude to legal aspects of the transaction. Quite significant booking deposits are paid to Estate Agents and documents signed in the heat of the moment without a full understanding of whether the deposit is refundable or not. Consulting a Solicitor may only be an afterthought once all the major decisions have been taken and are irrevocable. Even then the Solicitor consulted may be the one who already represents the Developer. One could argue that it is more important to seek independent legal advice when buying a property abroad, than it is when buying property in Ireland.

Our expertise is in the buying and selling of property in Italy. We know the system there, speak the language and have contacts with local firms of lawyers to assist in particularly difficult cases. We do not offer advice in relation to the purchase of property in any other foreign country as we are not comfortable doing so.

In Italy the main steps involved in the purchase of a property are:

  • Making a formal offer for the property and paying a non refundable booking deposit.
  • Signing the Contract and paying a further deposit which will, in most cases, be paid directly to the developer. Insurance is very important in this context
  • Making further stage payments to the developer as the property is built.
  • Attending for the completion of the sale at the office of the Notaio and paying the balance purchase money together with VAT registration fees etc

Please seek our advice, preferably before paying a booking deposit, and we will take you through the process step by step quickly and efficiently explaining each stage of the process.




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